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FRP Flat Rods & Pultruded Products

… providing long lasting & new age “GREEN” solution to ageing Infrastructure

Aeron is an India based company engaged in manufacturing Fibreglass Epoxy pultruded segments used in electrical transformers, insulators, drop out fuses, heavy motors, and other numerous applications.

Aeron offers an extensive range of FRP flats and rods that are flame retardant and compatible with mechanicals & electrical applications. Our FRP flat rods possess high mechanical strength at room temperature, and superior electrical properties under humid or dry weather conditions. Our range includes- FRP rods, FRP pipes and tubes, hat section, threaded rods, FRP strips, FRP flats, FRP nuts, FRP angles, etc.

At Present we have a wide variety of FRP Epoxy Pultruded sections like,

  • FRP Epoxy Dog Bone
  • FRP Epoxy Corner Angle
  • FRP Epoxy Hat Section
  • FRP Epoxy Pultruded Flat Section
  • FRP Epoxy Rod
  • FRP Tube
  • FRP Antenna Radome

Our FRP Epoxy Pultruded profiles are being used in following area

Tap Chargers
Lighting Arrestors
Textile Industries
Electricity Boards
Induction Furnace
Power Generation